Roll diameter refers to the size of the core on which the labels are wound. The core is the cylindrical object around which the labels are wound, and it is usually made of plastic or cardboard. The roll diameter is measured in millimeters or inches and is usually specified by the customer when ordering labels on rolls.

When ordering labels on rolls, it’s important to know the roll diameter that is compatible with your label applicator machine. The roll diameter needs to match the machine’s mandrel, which is the part of the machine that holds the roll of labels. If the roll diameter is too small, the labels may not fit properly on the mandrel and may cause issues when trying to apply the labels. If the roll diameter is too large, it may not fit in the machine’s holder.

When you place an order for labels on rolls, make sure to inform the vendor of the roll diameter that is required for your specific label applicator machine. This will ensure that the labels will be produced on rolls with cores of the appropriate diameter and that they will work properly with your equipment.

Common core diameters are 1”, 3” and even up to 6”.