Cold foil is a technique used in printing to add metallic or holographic effects to printed materials. It’s a process where a thin layer of metallic or holographic film is applied to a printed substrate using a cold foiling unit, which uses heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto the substrate.

The metallic film used in cold foiling is made of aluminum and it can be used to create a wide range of effects, such as a metallic sheen, an embossed or raised effect, or even a holographic effect. Cold foiling is commonly used to add a metallic or holographic effect to business cards, packaging, labels, and promotional materials.

Cold foiling is different from traditional hot-stamping method, that it doesn’t need to heat the foil to high temperature and this process can be carried on a regular printing press with addition of the foiling unit and can work with a wide variety of substrates including paper, plastics and fabrics. Because of this, it is a more cost effective and versatile solution for adding metallic and holographic effects.